Confessions Of Collision Repair Mechanics

After an accident, it can be hard to find the right Worcester repair mechanic. Collisions are expensive, and finding the right mechanic can be difficult at best.  Of course, if you already have a mechanic you trust, you’re lucky. You’re also in the minority. Here’s what the average collision mechanic won’t tell you…

There Is More Than One Way To Fix A Car

While parts are often the most expensive consideration when repairing a car, it’s often not the whole consideration. Labor also plays a role. For example, a manufacturer’s recommendation might involve a 20-step process, which makes the repair very expensive.. The mechanic might know a 3-step way to do it instead. The repair might be just as good, as well as being faster and less expensive but it voids the warranty.

Aftermarket parts are another way you can save money when having your car fixed. Again, if your car is under warranty, this will void it. Another issue to consider is that if yours is a classic car, anything other than genuine parts will lower its resale value. A good garage will let you know your options and the results of each choice.

Make Sure I Work For You, Not The Insurance Company

Up to 85% of garages get paid by insurance companies. But just because they get paid by insurance companies does not mean they work for them. Insurance companies have a list of preferred providers. Usually these providers are preferred for a reason. Most often, the insurance  company’s  has promised the preferred garage steady work. In exchange, the garage does the least expensive repair possible. This can lead to aftermarket parts or even used parts being used on your car without you being notified. By law, the garage only has to notify the insurance company of this fact, since they are the ones paying. The insurance company does not have to inform you.

It Will Almost Always Cost More Than I Said

Since it’s impossible to know everything that’s wrong with a car prior to working on it, the quote that you receive doesn’t include everything that needs fixing. If a part looks like it’s going to break next month, it’s going to get fixed. Also, there are certain parts that have to be repaired by law. If the part in question is going to cause you to fail an inspection, then it has to be fixed, too. Of course, good Worcester mechanics will let you know about the additional charges and work in advance. They will also let you  know the consequence if the work is not done.

Choosing the right Worcester mechanic after a collision is crucial to being able to get back on the road, faster and with a repair, you’re happy with. While the average Worcester collision mechanic wont’ tell you these secrets, the better ones will.