We Provide You with a Quick and Affordable Way to Take Care of Your Auto Collision Repair Needs & Services

In the motoring world, bumping into someone isn’t a pleasant thing. Collisions can happen to the best of us — even to the best drivers. You can be careful all you want but someone else sure isn’t or something unexpected will turn up in front of your hood. Accidents happen whether you’re cautious or not. Or, whether it’s your fault or somebody else. Insurance can take care of things if your vehicle collides with someone else otherwise there’s auto collision repair charges to worry about. There’s no need to look up the auto collision repair yellow pages. If you’re in or close to Worcester Massachusetts, we’ll provide you with a quick and affordable way to take care of your auto collision repair needs and services.

Affordable Auto Collision Repair Estimates – you don’t need to entertain any fears when our staff checks your vehicle’s damages from collisions. We’ll strive to provide you with fair and affordable auto collision repair estimates and any questions regarding the estimates will be answered professionally and in detail.

Honest to goodness assessment – our staff will thoroughly inspect your car’s collision damage to see what we can do unlike other shops that offer only quick glances and dish out charges. This is important especially if your car is an exotic or luxury model. Damaging your car is loss enough already. But be prepared for bad news because we can’t sugarcoat our assessments either.
Professional Opinions – our staff are highly trained professionals certified with the ASE or Automotive Service Excellence. They proudly wear it like an officer’s badge. It’s also important to know that our shop is registered with the ASA or Automotive Service Association. This ensures that our damage estimates are objective and professional and our contracts detailed.

Latest tools and equipment – we have the latest auto collision repair tools and equipment at our disposal. They make our jobs easier, faster and our auto collision repair estimates more affordable. We’re always ready for new vehicle models whether they’re consumer or luxury cars.

Insurance Claims and handling – our shop supports a wide array of insurance companies and plenty of claims services and happy customers pass through our doors. If you have a car, especially if it’s a luxury model, it pays to keep your insurance updated and an auto collision repair shop like us handy.

Auto collision repair near me – Worcester Massachusetts isn’t exactly in the middle of nowhere. Whether or not you’re from around here doesn’t matter. What matters is if your vehicle hits something or something hits you, our shop is just around the corner and as mentioned, with affordable collision repair estimates and well-trained automotive professionals.
What more can we say aside from being the best in automobile collision repair this side of Massachusetts? We forgot to say that we don’t only handle collisions, we offer other value services. We can also help with your vehicle maintenance, simple to complex repairs, vehicle restorations and other automotive services. It always pays to have someone ready in case your car needs repairs. Look us up, get our number and register our coordinates in your GPS.