Worcester Insurance Claims

What You Need To Know About Worcester Insurance Claims And Working With A Garage

After an accident, everything seems overwhelming. Between the time, expense and hassle it takes to get back on the road, the last thing anyone wants to deal with are insurance claims. That’s where choosing the right garage pays off. The right garage cannot only get you back to your life faster; they can actually help with insurance, too. Here’s how.

A Garage Can Help With Adjusters And Claims

When there’s an accident, there’s a lot of paperwork. The paperwork asks very specific questions about the car; questions that the average non-mechanic just doesn’t know how to answer. Then they send out an adjuster, who asks  more specific questions, which results in even more paperwork.

The right garage can help you through all of this. Since they work with so many insurance companies, they know the kinds of questions an insurance company asks, the types of answers they need and what an adjuster wants to see. They can even fill out and submit the forms for you, just like a doctor’s office.

A Garage Can Provide The Best Repair

You want the best repair, while the insurance company wants the cheapest repair. Naturally, these two goals seem diametrically opposed. However, they don’t have to be. A good garage knows how to provide a great repair while keeping the costs down. They also know how to negotiate with the insurance company in order to get better parts or fixes that are more comprehensive. In many cases, they can even negotiate the use of new parts rather than used parts. They can also encourage the insurance company to fix something accident related pre-emptively. This gives you the best repair at the lowest possible price. This way, both you and your insurance company are happy.

A Garage Can Help You Get Back To Your Life

When your car is in the shop, the wait time to get it back seems agonizingly long. Every second might as well be an eternity. The best way to handle this is by getting a rental car for the interim. Again, the right garage can help you with this. Many insurance companies provide an allowance for a rental car while yours is in the shop. Now, you could go to a rental car company to rent a car, or you could just let the garage handle it for you. Most often, a garage will have a loaner car right on site. Because they are so used to dealing with insurance companies and their allowances, this car will likely meet every requirement to keep the insurance company happy. On the off chance it doesn’t, better garages will call around to other people in the industry and negotiate a car for you.

After an accident, it’s always best to go to a garage that knows its way around insurance claims. These kinds of garages can help with insurance companies, give you the best repair, arrange for a rental car and more. In short, it can take care of the details for you. Accidents are stressful, but the right garage can help make them less so.